Be the ball. Concentrate. Imagine that white orb sailing onto the green and rolling leisurely into the cup. That is all fine and dandy unless your golf swing lands your tee shot on the adjoining green. Is it time to head back to the driving range and hit another bucket of balls or can your swing be adjusted at home? Using targeted resistance band exercises, you can practice your swing anywhere and perfect it for the next time you head out to the golf course.Resistance bands are strips of latex or rubber that are used both for therapeutic activities and strength training exercises. They have brand names like Thera-band and Bodylastics. You can purchase accessories for your bands such as handles and door hangers and they come in varying levels of tension from two pounds up to two hundred pounds. For practicing your golf swing, you will want to choose a lighter resistance band.Of course resistance bands live up to their name because they provide resistance for your body to overcome. Overcoming the resistance helps build muscle. In the case of your golf swing, the action, resistance and repetition helps train your muscles to perform. For more information,go to workout for golf orange county

Your resistance band exercises can be designed to replicate your desired golf swing, but we believe that an upper and lower body workout with resistance bands will enhance your performance on the golf course and add endurance and flexibility to your everyday routine.Resistance band exercises are unique in that they allow you to determine the amount of tension to be applied. By standing with your feet a certain distance apart, you can change the tension on your squats. By standing further away from the door when your resistance band is attached, you can add more resistance to your chest presses or lateral flys. And by placing the band forward or backward in your stance, you can adjust the pattern of your golf swing.Don't do this alone. We recommend asking your golf pro, athletic trainer or perhaps a physical or occupational therapist to help you decide on the resistance band exercises that will help you add the greatest enjoyment to your golf game. If you want to learn more,click on the following!